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On 18 December 2022, two mini-vans filled with generators, sleeping bags, powerbanks, outdoor equipment etc, funded by donations to Friends of KSE, left Stockholm on its journey to students and academics at Kyiv School of Economics (KSE) in Ukraine. On December 20, all things were safely delivered in Ukraine.

Torbjörn Becker together with associates started the Friends of KSE initiative on 19 April 2022 to support students and academics in Ukraine with special focus on friends and colleagues at KSE under the fantastic leadership of people like Tymofiy Mylovanov (President of KSE) and Nataliia Shapoval (Head of KSE Institute and Vice President of Policy Research at KSE).

The Friends of KSE initiative got off to a great start with a 500k € donation from the Tetra Laval Group that recently sent 10M € worth of generators to Ukraine. Since then, other companies and individuals have added more than 100k € to support students and academics in Ukraine through the Friends of KSE initiative.

"The simple message of this story, together we can do some useful things for our friends and heroes in Ukraine at a very marginal cost to ourselves and if you plan it well and bring good friends and family for your trip it can be a great journey that you will remember and something to talk about over the holidays.”, says Torbjörn Becker.

Thanks to your donations via the Friends of KSE, you made it possible to buy two vans, generators, power banks, sleeping bags, etc. Outdoor products were donated by Primus Equipment! Even a bag full Christmas candies for the younger students.

With a van full of important necessities to keep our Ukrainian friends and colleagues warm, it was time to make the delivery. Torbjörn and his companions drove all the way from Sweden to the border between Poland and Ukraine.

Thanks to your support, the Friends of KSE initiative have been able to help a number of students and researchers in need for a safe shelter to continue their academic journey during difficult times. Your concern for our friends and colleagues in Ukraine, and the freedom of academics, is above and beyond.


Charity auction of the Christine König Gallery and Dorotheum (Vienna) with works by Ukrainian artists for the benefit of the Friends of KSE Foundation (Kyiv School of Economics) to support free living space and educational support for Ukrainian children and their families.

The project "SHELTER" supports the renovation of old touristik houses in the Transcarpathian mountains (near the city of Uzhgorod) for families who have lost their homes and are uncertain about their future. The auction proceeds will secure a safe place to live and learn for up to 40 children.

"Our aim is to provide safe living space and educational support for high school students who lost their homes because of the Russian military aggression in Ukraine", says Volodymyr Kadygrob Advisor to the President of KSE.

Works from 16 emerging and established artists represented at the auction. The collection is called "After January 24th": all the works (except Vova Vototniov photo from Maidan 2014) were created after the beginning of the war. The auction will be held by Dorotheum on behalf and for the account (conveyance) of Friends of KSE Foundation. All proceeds will go exclusively to the project "SHELTER", the initiative of Volodymyr Kadygrob in cooperation with KSE. No surcharges or fees will be added to the bid.

Art by Vasilina VRUBLEVSKA Carbon 2022 Filmphoto C-Print 52 x 71,5 cm

Christine Konig Galerie, Vienna

The gallery represents a variety of internationally recognized artists and works simultaneously with a decidedly younger generation of upcoming artists.



Dorotheum is today the largest auction house in German-speaking Europe as well as a leader in central Europe and one of the oldest and largest auction houses in the world.

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