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The purpose of the association "Friends of KSE" is to support academics with links to Ukraine and in particular, though not exclusively, academics at the Kyiv School of Economics (KSE). This shall be done through fundraising and financial support to KSE and relevant academics, as well as by contributing intellectual and humane support to researchers, students, and the department of KSE within and outside Ukraine's borders.


Within the framework of the association’s mission and statutes, activities, seminars, research projects and other exercises relevant to the association's purpose can be organized. The funds raised shall only promote these purposes with a clear connection to Ukrainian academics and the KSE.

The administrative costs of the association are capped not to exceed 5% of the funds raised.

Individuals can join the association as members by paying an annual fee of SEK 500. Students and Ukrainian citizens have a reduced annual fee, paying a total of 100 SEK. Decisions on the election of a member are made at the next association meeting or board meeting. The Board of Directors has the right to exclude a member, only if a member is deemed to be acting against the association's interest and purpose in accordance with § 2 of the Statutes of Friends of KSE. 

An organization or company that wishes to promote the association's purposes and activities through an annual financial contribution may, by decision of the board, obtain a position as a supporting institution.

To become a member of the association, please contact us via the contact form available on the landing page or via email: info [at]

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